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  • 1. Travelling, Holidays, Accommodation (Cestovn, dovolen, ubytovn)

2. Travelling, Holidays, Accommodation Destinations Means of transport Accommodation Walking, cycling, hitchhiking Travel agency x holiday on ones own Documents, money, luggage My best holiday Dream holiday 3. What destinations are popular with tourists? Travelling around our republic Travelling abroad/to foreign countries Travelling overseas Seaside resorts Mountains Places with beautiful nature Towns and cities Sights, monuments, must go/must see places 4. What destinations are popular with tourists? Examples of answers: We can travel around our country or abroad, we can visit world metropolies Prague, Paris, Rome, London. We can also fly overseas and visit the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Some people prefer travelling to nature they go to the mountains, lakes, ponds or the sea. 5. How can tourists get to their destination? Go/travel by car x drive a car Fly/travel by plane Go/travel by bus/coach/train Ride a bicycle/motorbike Go by boat/travel by sea 6. The advantages and disadvantages of different means of transport On foot cheap, but slow By car fast and comfortable, but expensive By plane fast and comfortable, but expensive By bus/coach/train cheaper, uncomfortable By ship slow, but romantic 7. How can tourists get to their destination? Examples of answers: There are many ways how to travel. We can travel by car, train, bus , plane every way has its advantages and disadvantages. Travelling by car is comfortable and fast. We can stop where we want and we arent depended on the time-table. Disadvantage is quite a high price, traffic jams and the danger of accidents. Sometimes it is difficult to find a place for parking. 8. How can tourists get to their destination? Examples of answers: Travelling by public means of transport is cheaper and faster, but buses and trains are often crowded and they can be delayed. Travelling by plane is fast and comfortable, but very expensive. We mostly travel by plane to foreign countries and for long distances. Some people are afraid of flying. And nowadays there is also the danger of terrorist attack. 9. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Hotel The largest of all accommodation types A wide range services is available, such as room service, dining service (restaurant). There is typically a common reception area, where guests check in and out. 10. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Motel Is an accommodation situated near a road for car travellers and has a safe parking site. 11. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Guest house Is an accommodation in a private home which offers dining services 12. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Boarding house/guest house Is often a family house in which there is one or more rooms for one or more nights 13. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Backpackers Hostel Is a simple accommodation in dormitory style for holiday, sport or study of young visitors that offers dining or cooking facilities. 14. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Bed & Breakfast A Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is a private home in which guests can be accommodated at night in private bedrooms. Breakfast is included in the price. 15. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Visitors apartment Is an accommodation with food-preparing facilities. Rooms to let - overnight accommodation, usually situated close to a major road or city centre. 16. What kinds of accommodation do you know? Campsite Is a place used for overnight stay in the outdoors in a tent or a caravan/camper 17. What is the cheapest form of travelling? Walking/ Going on foot Cycling/riding a bicycle Hitch - hiking Examples of answers: Hitch-hiking is mostly used by young people for fun and adventure. This type of travelling is really cheap, but it is very dangerous and time-consuming. 18. What is a difference between travelling with the travel agency and a holiday on your own? Examples of answers: Travel agency can arrange everything for us journey, accommodation, trips. Everything is pre- arranged and the only thing we need is to choose from the catalogues of a travel agency. When we travel on our own, we can go whenever we want and do whatever we want. We are not dependent on timetable. 19. What do you need when you go on holiday? Valid passport Visa Travel insurance Foreign currency money Knowledge of foreign language Maps, plans, guides Tips for accommodation 20. What do you need when you go on holiday? Examples of answers: When going abroad we must get necessary documents (passports and a visa). We must have travel insurance. Besides, we must change money to foreign currency in a bank or at an exchange-office. 21. What do you need when you go on holiday? When going by train we must buy tickets and when we fly, we must get air tickets and find out our flight number and departure time. We should know foreign languages because it is important for making ourselves understood. 22. What is the best holiday you have ever had? Examples of answers: My favourite country is Croatia, because I like clean see and nature there. In the Croatia there are many beautiful places like National Park Paklenica, Kornati and Plitvika lakes. And many fine cities like Dubrovnik or Zagreb. 23. What is your dream holiday? Which place would you like to visit and why? I would like to visit,because One day I would like to go to.,because 24. Useful vocabulary Make a reservationzarezervovoat Book a room..zamluvit si pokoj Guesthousepension, ubytovna Youth hostelmldenick ubytovna Bed & Breakfastnocleh se sndan Full board..pln penze Half board.polopenze 25. Journeycesta, vlet Stay.....pobyt, pobvat Destination..cl, msto uren Holiday resort.rekrean stedisko Sightseeing.prohlen pamtek Guide..prvodce Arrivalpjezd Departure...odjezd Valid passport.platn pas 26. Identity card (ID)....obansk prkaz Travel insurance...cestovn pojitn Foreign currency..zahranin mna Luggage...zavazadlo/zavazadla Suitcasekufr Backpacker...turista/bak On ones ownna vlastn pst Hitch-hike.stopovat On foot..psky 27. Pouit zdroje FISCHER, Dennis. mountain light [online]. [cit. 25.1.2013]. Dostupn na WWW: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wodkawarrior/7455395842/ FERRARESE, Michele Loris. Notturna praga [online]. [cit. 25.1.2013]. Dostupn na WWW: http://www.flickr.com/photos/micheleloris/8114335073/in/pool-prague/ TITE-ISA. DSC_0416 [online]. [cit. 25.1.2013]. Dostupn na WWW: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thisabel/7928233644/in/pool-versailles/ KAUFMANN, Bert. When in Rome ...... [online]. [cit. 25.1.2013]. 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