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Indo pak war 6 sep 1965

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The Indo-Pak War 1965

Pak Indo War 19651


IntroductionEstablishmint of Pakistan(14 aug 1947 ,27 ramzan ul mubarik 13663

Lord mountbatten

Rad Cliffe4


BackgroundDogra Raja Gulab SinghRevolutionary activities of Mujah e DeenAzaad Kashmeer Occupied KashmeerWars (1948, 1965, 1965)


War of 6 sep 1965A historic day in Islamic HistoryEarly morning of 6 sepWish of Indian jurnailFA,ALFA 4Speech of President Ayyub Khan6

Attacks of India India attacked from various sides:-

Wahga sectorKhem karan sectorRajahstan sectorSialkot sectorQasoor sectorFazal ka akhnor sector


Ego of Pakistani PeopleHearts of Pakistani people filled with power of ALLAH ALMIGHTYThey became the lion of ALLAH, the sword of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed And brave like Hazrat ALISargodha air baseBhikaari ki dastan


Pakistani Army the lions of ALLAH Dushman hmen kaat kr tu Pakistan ki sarhad men jaa skta Hai lekin jeetay jee ham kbi dushman k naapak qdm watan men nahi aanay den gay

1/5 ratioAt CMH sisters and Mothers are receiving usFought without sleep and food


Major Raja Aziz Bhatti NHhero of war 1965)He was born at Hong Kong at 6 August 1923. He joined Pak army through 1st PMA long Course 1948.Accident(1958 to 16 1959 at CMH Lahore)After this he worked as company commander Punjab rejment at Lahore Burky till 1965He fought against worst enemy without food and water for six days 6sep to 12 sep 1965.At last He entertained with the martyrdom at 12 sep 1965 (10am) on the bank of BRB (bambawali-ravi-bedian).He was buried at ladian district Gujraaat.


Ae Barq e tajali kia tunay muj ko b musah smja haiMen toor nahi jo jal jaon, jo chahay muqabil aa jae

Miracles during worst war held by Indians M inam sidiqi nigraan library mosque Nabvi wrote a letter to pious man Haji Noor M. butt of Madinah:- that prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)coming to hlp muslims with martyers of Ghazwa e bdr.Ravi BridgeHorse mens in white dressesFire at long distances


Role of Singers during war12Malka e tarannum Noor Jahan Nayyra Noor Ustad Amanat Ali Khan

Indian ArmyIndian Army made a lot OF efforts but.Our politicians are pushing us like animals in the battle zone without any purpose(from a diary of indian jurnail at Lahore sector 14 sep)13

14DograiHuge strength of indian Army

Only 300 pak army in front of indian army

15Rule Of Pakistan ArmyIslamic teachings during war

Dead Bodies

More trust upon ALLAH than weapons

Ego to sacrifice their lifes for the honour of country

16Indian ArmyThey Fought only for their leaders

Lack of beliefs

Battle zone was filled with dead bodies of indian army life dogs

Duration of War6 sep 1965, 5 am to 23 sep 1965 at 11 am(17 days and 18 nights)1/12 ratio mean 1 Pakistani and 12 Indians at every sector17

18Impacts of WarSocial




Hero of this war who achieved highest military awardPakistanMajor Raja Aziz Ahmad Bhatti (Nishan e Haider)

IndiaCmpany quarter master hawaldar abdul hamidLieutenant colonal ardisher burzorje tarapore (Param vir chkra)


The EndThanks for concentration 20Ghulam [email protected]

Muhammad Waris AliBCSF15M014

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