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seminarTopic : Mac pro

contentsMac proHistoryBasic SpecificationsThunderbolt 2Technical specificationProcessorMemoryGraphicsStorageA unified thermal coreA single breakthrough fanAdvanced wireless technology

Mac pro : It is the future of desktop presented by the apple (new generation CPU)

It is 9.9 inches height and 6.6 inches widthThe macpro is built in cylindrical shape


This macpro is designed with unified thermal core: A triangular thermal core formed using advanced extrusion techniques and precision machining allows for a more compact design and higher thermal efficiency

Machined Aluminium EnclosureRefined impact extrusion technologies are more material- efficient and give the polished aluminium enclosure its incredible shape and finish

Basic Specifications

Intel Xeon e5 processor16GB of 1866MHz DDR3 EEC memory2 AMD firepro d500 graphics256GB of PCIe(peripheral component interconnect express)-based flash storageSix thunderbolt 2ports support high speed io and mini display portFour USB 3 ports and HDMI port802.11ac WI-FI and 4.0 Bluetooth

Thunderbolt 2

Thunderbolt is the fastest, most versatile i/o technology.Thunderbolt -2 is 2x faster than thunderbolt -1IT provide high performance peripherals.

Using thunderbolt we can connect massive amount of storageAnd work with latest external display including 4k desktop display and peripheral devices capable of broadcast monitoring in 4k

Technical Specifications


Two 2GHz,2.66Gz or 3GHz Dual-core Intel Xeon processor64-bit data paths and registersFsb speed 600 mhz-8.0ghzMax cpu clock rate is 1.2ghz-4.4ghzLower power optimization


This macpro include 4chanel DDR3 memory controller running at 1866mhzIt delivers up to 60GB/s of memory bandwidthAnd it is also ECC(error correcting code ) memory


In macpro dual AMD firepro graphics cards are used4096 stream proessor,384-bit memory buses,528 GBs total bandwidthIt offer higher performance graphics than other


There is 1tb flash storage, and then there is next generation pcie(peripheral component interconnect express)storageThis is 2.5 times faster than othersThis is designed based on flash controller technology to deliver the fastest result

A unified thermal core

It built everything around a single piece of extruded aluminium designed to maximize airflow as well as thermal capacity.It work by conducting heat away from the CPU and GPUs and destroy the heat and free the computer heat freeIt is a triangle shape construction

A single breakthrough fan

Instead of adding extra fans the macpro contain larger fan that pulls air upward through a bottom ventAs air passes vertically through the centre of the device ,it absorb heat and carries it out the top

Advanced wireless technology

Access your network over three stream 802 .11 ac Wi-Fi for the latest in height speed wireless connectivityAlso macro contains 4.0 Bluetooth it is the fastest most reliable way to connect your keyboard ,mouse and other wireless devices

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