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NEW GREEN SAVINGS 2013 List of Qualified Suppliers (LQS) List of Products and Technologies (LPT). www.nzu2013.cz Green Line: 800 260 500. Table of Contents. Background information about the lists Checking documentation and parameters verified for individual product categories - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
Prezentace aplikace PowerPointNEW GREEN SAVINGS
List of Products and Technologies (LPT)
Table of Contents
Checking documentation and parameters verified for individual product categories
Schedule of the 2013 New Green Savings Programme (“Programme”) administration
Contact details
Background Information about the Lists
List of Qualified Suppliers (LQS)
- A database of suppliers who have proved their qualifications (trade licence) and who have submitted a certificate of having been trained in the registered activities
Information registered in the LQS:
- Supplier’s identification data
- Additional information (references, certificates, membership in professional organisations)
Number of entities registered by 10 July 2013: 214
List of Products and Technologies (LPT)
- A list of products and technologies meeting the legislative requirements and technical parameters (in accordance with the Programme’s conditions) that ensure their energy-efficiency and environmental benefits
Information registered in the LPT:
- Applicant’s identification data (manufacturer or distributor only)
- Identification data of the certifying body
- Product’s technical parameters (inspection based on certificates and test reports)
Number of products registered by 10 July 2013: 22
Main reasons for introducing the lists
- To ensure required product quality standards and their environmental efficiency
- To secure the quality of services provided by assembly firms
Basic condition for subsidy beneficiaries – to use only the products registered in the LPT and to use only the services rendered by the entities registered in the LQS.
No self-help or self-building measures are subsidised.
Initial registration and completion of an online registration application form at http://www.nzu2013.cz (in the Czech language only)
Sending the required documents by mail
- Copy of an entry in the Criminal Records Register (executive director)
- Copy of an entry in the commercial register or trade register
- Supplier’s statutory declaration (signed by the executive director)
- Certificate of training (issued by the manufacturer)
- Product certificate issued by an authorised person
- Test report issued by an accredited testing laboratory
Checking parameters and data in the online application
Checking fulfilment of the required parameters according to the test report and certificate
Verifying accuracy of documents (ID number, certifying body’s accreditation, compliance with legislation)
LPT– 1/External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) and Thermal Insulation Materials
Monitored parameters:
Intended use, ETICS specification (composition), insulating material
Declared coefficient of insulating material’s thermal conductivity (λD) in accordance with CSN EN 13 163 (for EPS) or 13 162 (for MW), in accordance with CSN EN 12 667 and 12 939 (for insulating materials by type)
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor TIM – μ in accordance with CSN EN 13 163 for EPS, CSN EN 13 162 for MW and CSN EN 12 086
Thickness of insulating material and range of thickness
Security parameters (reaction to fire, resistance value, etc.)
LPT – 2/Construction Hole Panels
Intended use and materials
Heat transfer coefficient Uw in accordance with CSN EN ISO 12 567 (test method) or CSN EN ISO 10 077 (calculation method)
Size of panel subject to testing in accordance with CSN EN 14 351-1
Frame material
Dimensioned frame section (lower view, side view, upper view)
Heat transfer coefficient of the frame Uf in accordance with CSN EN 12 412-2 (test method) or CSN EN ISO 10 077 (calculation method)
Panel type
Light transmission coefficient τv in accordance with CSN EN 410
Distance frame type
Monitored parameters :
Unit type (ventilation/for hot-air heating)
Type of heat recovery exchanger
Method of unit assembly (ceiling/wall/ floor-mounted/vertical/universal)
Parameters (dimensions, weight, input and unit output)
Input and output characteristics
Acoustic performance LW level
Monitored parameters:
Efficiency and emissions of CO, TOC and solid pollutants (in accordance with respective CSN EN standards) – boilers (303-5), fireplace stoves (13 240), heating inserts (13 229) or appliances burning wooden pellets for heating (14 785)
Emission class
Source type (boiler, fireplace stove with hot water, heating insert)
Method of fuel supply
Prescribed fuel
Average fuel consumption and burning time of the entire fuel charge at nominal output
LPT – 5/Gas-fired Condensing Boilers
Condensate pH
Volume of integrated hot water reservoir
Type of source (heating/combined/with built-in reservoir)
Boiler version and regulation method
Basic parameters (dimensions, weight, output and input)
Water volume in the heat exchanger
LPT – 6/Heat Pumps
Monitored parameters:
Coefficient of Performance (COP) in accordance with CSN EN 14 511
Heat pump system (air-water/ground-water/water-water)
Maximum output temperature of heating water
Data on bivalent source
Data on accumulator and reservoir for hot water preparation
LPT – 7/Solar Thermal Collectors
Collector’s efficiency in accordance with CSN EN 12 975
Collector’s nominal output
Heat loss factors a1+ a2 in accordance with CSN EN 12 975
Type of collector (flat/evacuated tube collector)
Parameters (dimensions, weight)
Total (gross) area of collector AG and aperture area Aa
Number of tubes (if evacuated tube collector)
Maximum operating temperature
Maximum operating overpressure
13 June 2013 Announcement of the 2013 New Green Savings Programme
12 August 2013 10.00 a.m. Start of acceptance for applications on first call basis
Autumn 2013 Administration of applications on first call basis
Autumn 2013 First funds paid on first call basis
Information about LQS and LPT:
Independent phone line: 267 994 117 (Mon – Fri: 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.)
Státní fond ivotního prostedí eské republiky
(State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic) Kaplanova 1931/1, 148 00 Praha 11
Mailing and contact address: Olbrachtova 2006/9, 140 00 Praha 4, Tel.: +420 267 994 300
www.nzu2013.cz • www.sfzp.cz • Green line 800 260 500 • info@sfzp.cz

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