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Tomáš Kohout: Jak zrychlit iOS vývoj pomocí Swift playgoundů

Date post:12-Apr-2017
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  • TOM KOHOUTiOS Developer, Ackee

  • Speeding up iOS development using Swift Playground

  • Swift is great but

  • Migrations

    the ABI is not stable

    migrate with every version of


    large projects = days to weeks

    for migration (2.3 to 3)

    hopefully less breaking changes in future

  • Xcode

    code completion sucks

    refactoring non-existent

    no plugins anymore


    we can use emoticons in code

  • Build times

    small application = 2 - 5 mins

    large application (>2000 files) =

    40 mins

    incremental builds does not

    always work

  • Feedback loop

    1. Denial

    2. Anger

    3. Bargaining

    4. Depression

    5. Acceptance


    1. Write code

    2. Build

    3. See result

  • Build times

    Build time: 68 s

    Build time: 27 s

  • Build time analyzerhttps://github.com/RobertGummesson/BuildTimeAnalyzer-for-Xcode


  • Code Injection

    inject code in runtime

    no need to rebuild the application

    hard to setup

    xcode plugin



  • Code Injection II

    separate application

    since iOS 10 - simulator only

    easier to setup

    still unreliable



  • Swift playgrounds

    test sample code

    educational tool

    prototype animations

  • Playground live view

  • Playground live view

    since xcode 7.3


    can display viewcontroller

  • Swift playgrounds

  • Swift playgrounds

    isolate screens in playground pages

    prototype much faster

    mock state easily

  • Demohttps://github.com/AckeeCZ/ios-playgrounds-example

  • Kickstarter application

    open sourced iOS application

    26 playground pages

    large code base

    playgrounds starts in 10 - 20s


  • TDD

    1. add a test

    2. run the test to see it fail

    3. make change to pass the test

    4. run the test again until it passes

    5. repeat

  • TDD in playground

    you can also run tests in playground!

    quick feedback

    test in isolation

    copy to your suite later

  • Demohttps://github.com/sshrpe/TDDSwiftPlayground

  • Limitations

    only latest swift


    no image literals

    xcode support

  • Xcode support

    Xcode 7.3

    Xcode 8.0 - 8.2.1

    Xcode 8.3

    Xcode 9

  • Summary

    long build times are bad

    be aware of the compiler

    code injection

    isolate screens in playground pages